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CRTC Approves Meridian Multimedia's Application to Operate a 24hrs. National General Interest Third-language TV Channel

July 16 2007, Special Report: CRTC to day issued notice of approval to Meridian Multimedia Network on their application for a broadcasting licence to operate a new ethnic Category 2 specialty programming undertaking.

Meridian Multimedia Network Inc. filed an application for a broadcasting licence to operate Meridian Multimedia Network, a national, ethnic general interest Category 2 specialty programming undertaking targeted to people of South Asian descent who speak Urdu as their first language, and to families who speak Urdu and English at home in January this year.

Meridian would be allowed to broadcast 85% of all programming during the broadcast week in the Urdu language. Up to 15% of the broadcast week would be devoted to programming in the English language.

The Commission did not receive any interventions in connection with this application.